Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Contract

Very interesting stuff I'm learning, all FDA approved and marketed by the company.

What's even been more interesting is the videos I've gotten to watch AS PART OF WORK!!! Whoo hoo :)

Videos of throats getting sliced to insert new cool medical devices, insertion of brain electrodes, pre and post effect of the same medical devices.

I knew, I'd be open to them paying me $5 an hour. I was not kidding... it's like... via osmosis I'm smarter just sitting there typing up contract information. With all the MD and/or PhD people sitting around talking about their latest/greatest, I can't help but be smarter... then they hear my plans and man, they just smile and tell me,

"You'll make it!"

Yes, despite myself, I may actually!

Make it a great day - I'm going to try :D

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