Monday, August 27, 2012

A Big Nothing

Isaac never even met me.  Kind of blew me off, like a prom dress in a tornado; or like a jet ski in 3' waves at 55 MPH..

Seriously.  Tampa didn't even get so much as a strong wind, or if we did and in my light sleep did not hear it, that should speak volumes.

Oh wait.

There was a 3' section of an old pine tree laying where the dogs do their morning duty.

And the pavement was wet.

And it was cloudy.

Otherwise?  No big deal.

No wonder the Floridians were non-plussed about the incoming hurricane.  I tend to think I will become like them... "Meh!"

I did, however, buy a fancy flashlight.  You know, just in case... bwahaha.

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