Wednesday, December 12, 2012

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Early on, my son's sleeping schedule was completely off kilter.  Asleep all day, awake all night and hungry all the time (hmmm.... some things NEVER change!!!).  My maternity leave had started early because:

1)  I was starting to have labor pains (not BH)
2)  I was grumpy
3)  I was too big to drive
4)  I was grumpy

On my last day going in to train my temp, I was in a car accident almost broadsided by a semi as I slid on the icy road out into the highway.  The car was totaled but I was safe (thank you Ford!).  At the hospital, I was told the accident would either speed up the arrival of my cargo or delay.

Sadly, for me, it delayed and I continued to get bigger.  The estimated size of my unborn son was 10#.  He arrived at 10# 12 oz, 24-1/2 inches long.  Don was there the entire time, never leaving my side (the labor and delivery lasted about 1.5 hours).  When my son was born, and in Don's excitement, he yelled, "OMGAWD!!! He's a keeper!!!"  (fish language for "we're not tossing him back).

Don went back to work that day and came to visit.  When I went back to work three weeks later, Don switched up his schedule for my son was too little for daycare.  Don and I worked opposite schedules so that he or I was home to take care of the Gman.

One day, I got home early and found him asleep on the couch with the newborn; another day, I came home with Don smiling broadly saying, "Look what I get him to do!!"  as his slowly and carefully did the 'washing machine' with the Gman on his lap.  Gman would slowly fall asleep, only waking if Don stopped.

It would be unfair and unkind if the only image anyone saw was the image of a gravely ill father and ex-fiance.  So, below, is the only picture I can find of the father in his healthier days with his young son at the other grandmother's house... 

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