Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Kaplan MCAT Prep & Teachers :)

Yes, I know some of the instructors read here; Google Analytics does a great job of tracking people's footprints in the bytes and I'm pretty good at using GA.  Win-win.

Actually, Win-Win is the Kaplan course instructors.  (No, I'm not employed by the company nor am I sponsored in any manner.)

During the summer of 2014, my butt got kicked again to take the MCAT and apply to med school.  I'd given up on becoming a physician and thought I'd just work, retire someday, and be satisfied.  My cousin, an adcom at a med school somewhere in the US, suggested otherwise.

The story is buried elsewhere in here, so I won't belabor how I got back to taking the MCAT and going forward into the 2016 app cycle.

Getting to that point has been with the guidance, assistance, and support of my online Kaplan instructors (and a few others along the way - namely my son, and my genetic's class peers).

During the fall of 2014, my onsite class had an undergrad teaching the course who got mixed up in the physics details.  He then got mixed up on basic gen chem and I switched to online, live classes.  Worried as I'd never taken anything online, my apprehension was quickly put to rest.

Amit was that instructor.  The old MCAT prep was very content detailed, very equational and mathematical.  Amit did everything to prep us, to make sure we knew the tricks to getting to the right answer without having to use a TI-85 graphing calculator with LED screen.  He used funny quips and examples to enhance the ideology behind the material.  He made fun of himself; made fun of the ambulances that often screamed by his house during class; made fun of his midwestern roots often saying an answer choice is "hinky"; that was solely his, though, I'm from the midwest and I've never heard the word.

However, now I see an answer choice on the new MCAT prep and think, "HINKY" ...  Amit also could read my concern in the private Q&A.  As bold and confident as people think I am, underneath I worry what people think (a little) and really worry when I tick off people in the admissions world.  I've been told throughout my life that I'm very polite, very understated, and very kind.  But, I'd irked some adcoms online and thought, "I'm doomed."

Amit's comments were: "Eh, no."  then laughed and said, "No."  Followed up by some sage wisdom and email.  I never looked back.  (Coincidentally, that adcom is now a supporter of mine, and I can see how my first post back then could come across as arrogant; which was certainly not my intent).

Did not sit for the 1/15/15 exam. It was the last date for the old MCAT.  In April 2015, the new MCAT was administered.  Less physics, more biochem = win.  In prep for that, I re-enrolled in Kaplan and got #TeamEli.

Make no mistake, he is the best that there is.  Make no mistake, he knows his stuff and so well, he can integrate other aspects of the MCAT areas into a question and make you think.  I had him for the online class and then with Kaplan there are MCAT channel sessions which are specific focus areas.  So, I don't get into trouble with the company, I'll only say that the areas are the most commonly tested on the MCAT.  And very detailed, comprehensive and complete.  Eli taught those, off and on, as well.

Through those channel sessions, I got to see the other instructors: John, Tami, and N.  They are talented, engaging, funny, using anecdotal quips to reinforce concepts.  Throughout all of the courses and sessions I've taken, each one of them has contributed to many of us as we prep for the beast known as the MCAT.

On 1/23/16, I will slay the beast and be thankful I got the best in the business from Kaplan.

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