Saturday, March 11, 2017

Visual Cues - Helpful Memory Tricks

Was asked how I do posters for my office at home in prep for the MCAT physics, gen chem, orgo and biochem pieces.

Below is what I wrote on the Post-It Note, poster sized sheets in my office.

It's not like "memorizing" as it is seeing it daily just lets it all sink it.

From Amazon, I ordered this:

Here's the link to Amazon (cheaper here and I got 2 packs because ... well, because!)

Side note: if you do not currently support an organization via Amazon, please consider the Ryan Callahan Foundation which directly supports childhood cancer.  He is a Tampa Bay Lightning player, currently on injured reserve, and he donates a lot of, if not all of, his time to fundraising for the kids.

To do this, just click the link when it asks  you for a charity.  It costs you NOTHING! But Amazon donates :)  Win-Win...

Okay, so, you've got the stick-it poster page, and now what?


That's not my complete list but it is part of it.  Any formula that I routinely miss something, or units that I'm unsure of went on these sheets.  It will get better organized in the next month or so and consolidated down to a shorter list.

Also have the same thing for gen chem and orgo.

For biochem, I draw in a sketch book like this:

For biochem, I have all AA's along with the 3 and 1 letter abbreviations and associated charges at physiological pH, all metabolic pathways as listed in the AAMC MCAT guide (the 87 page thing).

Any questions, please drop me a comment.  Here to help!

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