Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dad Sounds Better - St Maarten Here I Come

Dad is having tests done today at Mayo to see the extent to which the bacteria remain.  He is receiving cipro and gentamycin twice per day, intravenously.  He says his strength is coming back.  Walking stairs about killed him on Monday, now he can do 1/2 flight up and down before taking the elevator.  His hope is that in a week he will be able to do the whole flight without having to gasp for air.

That from a man who used to walk them 3 weeks ago, without any issue.  Pseudomonas.  More should be written about it!

I'm taking the plunge and heading to St Maarten in a few weeks to check out the medical school... and sit my lazy butt on a beach.  I need some motivation.  Right now, I look out at organic chem and physics in the fall, finishing up my pre-reqs next spring and think how sad it is that life really tossed me around like a bottle on the ocean, to the point where I'm so off-track, and so behind... and still can't imagine doing anything but trying.

A doctor who follows, or followed, on here once told me, never give up your dreams for when you give up your dreams a part of you dies along with it.

I hear that.

I'm also hearing waves gently flowing in on a Caribbean island :D

Make it a great day ~

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Now to fix Dad.

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I hope your dad continues to improve--I can relate with my father's health of late.

And, I am jealous about the beach idea thing....