Friday, July 15, 2011

I Love This

As I see it, cheating men (and women) always seem to think they can get away with it.  The woman in the relationship is bewildered when finding out because her choices in beginning to date a man are;

she can choose to believe and trust building a relationship foundation


she can become paranoid and a victim disintegrating what could be a great relationship

Many women choose the first because great relationships are not bourne out of paranoia and martyrdom.

I believe many cheating men believe the woman, when she finds out, will beg him to change, stay, or will just beg and become deflated.  I believe men who cheat think they are above everyone else financially, mentally, and emotionally and therefore, accountable to no one, especially the woman who loves him.

That's why I have to admit, I love Elizabeth (RIP you poor soul), Elin, Sandra, Jenny, Maria, et al.  Heads held high, they kept their mouths shut except for a brief, "This is painful" statement and moved on.  Meanwhile, all those husbands' careers careened off a cliff so sharply that many are only now, years later, finding out how much their cheating hurt them.

I can't help but smirk at those dolts.  Wealth does not give you the priviledge of cheating or of eating your cake, disparaging the woman you cheated on, and living life free of pain.

And generally speaking, it is easier for the women to find better, wealthier, more stable, honest, trustworthy men, than the men are at picking up the pieces after their sordid, disgusting affairs, and declining careers.

Here's to my favorite scorned ex-wife, Elin.  Kudos to you for finding something better than a Tiger who will never change his stripes.

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NP Odyssey said...

Glad Elin is doing well, but with those looks she probably had many men wondering. $100,000,000 divorce settlement is pretty good too.

All those people you talk about had money, but look at all those cheating trailer and ghetto trash men and women on the day time talk shows. Now that is pathetic.

A Doc 2 Be said...

I think anyone who cheats, or who leads someone else on to think the relationship is monogamous, is ghetto trash... no matter the income, education, or position in society.

Tiger, Arnold, SC Gov, John, Edward (Spitzer)... trailer/ghetto trash.

And their lives are spiraling downward.

Everyone wonders why the men cheat - because they think they are entitled to it. It has nothing to do with the woman's looks, her wealth, or her personality (generally, it has to do with the man's poor self-esteem and insecurity coupled with ability to pay and sneak.

Anyway, I wanted the post to showcase Elin who I think overcame the most public of humiliations with dignity, class, and sophistication. I've learned a lot from her!!!

Penelope said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Elin has been incredibly graceful during the whole scandal.

I read yesterday that Elin is dating, and that her new beau previously dated Rachel Uchitel. For Elin's sake, I hope this isn't true. If it is, I would advise her to run as far as possible from any connection with that grinch of a woman.

Ms. Uchitel cannot have good karma coming to her.

A Doc 2 Be said...

I read that about the skank as well. However, who knows how many men have come under that individual's name's spell; unlike Elin who wants and demands privacy, that irksome nothing wants her 5 seconds of fame to replay like a bad syndicated TV show.

So, I guess I'm hoping Jamie had already told her he knew the skankster and that yesterday's revelations show more about what a true ick she is and what a classy lady Elin remains.