Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shout Out To My Lab Partner

My lab partner is about my son's age. She's blond, cute, funny, compassionate and wants to be a nurse. I won't embarrass her here by naming her. Maybe one day she'll find this place and giggle knowing how we used a dry container meant for solution conductivity measuring instead of a graduated cylinder to measure the proper amount of NaCl stock solution. Oops.

We still managed to get 100% on our lab grades. I laugh when I think of what we'll do today. We laugh often during labs. She measured our salt and went over by .001 (yes, really). Then she was going to dump it back into the container but tossed it into the garbage much to the chagrin of our lab TA. When asked to get some NaOH solution to measure, that landed on her hands where upon she handed me the wet test tube, I grabbed and now both of us had NaOH on our hands (much to the chagrin of our lab TA). Oh, what have I done?

The spigots for the water supply are a little... what's the word I'm looking for ... "touchy." I turned it on thinking just a little more effort to get more than a drop and instantly showered the entire lab.

Don't get me wrong. We are VERY careful in the lab, meticulously making sure we get every point, making sure we understand each step along the way and WHY it works (or doesn't), and which way we're to leave the lab (closet doors don't count).

We just have a good time getting there (much to the chagrin of our lab TA).

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