Saturday, February 18, 2017

Moments When Google Analytics = Ostrich Chased By Cheetah

Well, hello there, Mayo!

And with that, my heart dropped.

Quickly scanning all my posts while simultaneously remembering, I don't do controversy, and while the blog is very personal, it was started to give other non-trads a place where they could read, pick up some tips/tricks, and see that if the medical school path is for them, nothing is insurmountable.  Not everyone gets onto, or through, this path unscathed and without some deep soul searching.

Still, it was Mayo.  My #1 choice school. Family. Friends. Home.

As a little girl growing up in Rochester (and Duluth), Mayo was my 2nd home.  My great aunt worked there for ... the namesake of the facility.  I still have her leather kit with the name emblazoned on it.  Her name, my family's name, is in the museum.

And there was on the Google Analytics dashboard.

Because of that, it prompted me to remind all other premeds to be very careful with what you write, how you frame things, and where you post.

That fun trip to Cabo with 6 co-eds was a blast but I'm not sure the medical schools need to see you drinking out of a beer bong or playing beer pong.

This past election was full of ways to blow up Twitter, FB, Insta, etc. with your personal views on everything but of that, I'm positive no one needs to see that, or know.

I'm okay with whatever pages Mayo read here.  The stories are real, deeply personal and continue to provide the insight into what drives me on this path at the age of 52.  If that causes a med school to reject me, I'm okay with that.  Another school will accept me (I hope).

However, I'd be lying if I didn't post what went through my head when I saw Mayo:


it'sabeautifullife said...

That is golden advice--think at least twice before posting anything anywhere. My trick: I ask myself if I would be proud for my kids to see it. Has saved me from many a less than stellar decision lol.

All the best to you, Dear!

A Doc 2 Be said...

Thank you, Itsa! Nail Step ! :)