Monday, December 15, 2008

And Then There is Reality

For a few months now, I've been researching, poring over any little nuance related to pre-med and medical school itself continually asking myself, "Seriously!?" To which the tiny, low voice says, "OH YEAH!"

This journey that I'm on is full of trepidation with Dad's questions still swirling around in my head, I "do" wonder how will I pay for all of this? How will I keep a roof over my head and the heat on? How can I focus on the sciences when the bills come in, unemployment is rising, the economy is faltering, and I read another 4,000 people are being asked to take buy-outs? It IS scary!

Those that know me off these forums say I'm fearless, and one of the most resourceful people they've ever known. If only they knew, deep inside I'm a little nervous. This dream of mine is almost tangible. This "need" to give back as a doctor so entrenched in who I am, I cannot think of doing anything else now. And that fear of failure is likewise, just as tangible.

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