Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Decision Points & Paths

Many of my contacts now know I'm heading back to school. Some look at me with a sense of "Seriously?" and others are merely astounded that at my age (I am 44!!) I'm heading back to try and get into med school.

"Mid life, eh?" I got asked with a look of utter disbelief.

"No," I smiled, "more like real life and real dreams."

Seems then people want to know if I'm serious, if the "right opportunity came your way, would you quit this path?"


Which makes this day sort of weird. I know I need to follow the calling and have no doubts about why, how, when, and where I'm following it. Feels to me though, life is throwing up decision points that make me ponder "what am I thinking" when I could be doing this over there for that much money.

So often I took the easy way out of chasing the dream, making up a plethora of excuses not to. Life took me on a course leading me to public company audits, IPO, and other related roles. I'm good at deciphering public company issues, strategically thinking and planning a course of corrective action, hiring the team to implement, and managing the changes. But I've always found the work somewhat... boring. Start talking derivative instruments and I'm going to sag in my chair and count sheep. Prattle on about treasury sales of s/t investment strategy and the back side of my eyelids are going to become internal explorations.

Yet, when I sit down with my chemistry book and biology diagrams, I love it. Biosphere, populations, organisms, tissue oh my! Mitochondrial transport. ATP. I can hardly wait!

Just need to make sure to surround myself with like thinking people, who are at a minimum supportive, and encouraging. This road is not easy and it shouldn't be. The path to an M.D. at the end of one's name deserves all the recognition and prestige.


Unknown said...

You have supporters out here in bloggy land for sure!

Anonymous said...

Hello -

I very much enjoyed reading about how you have come to the decision to be a doctor, and your sharing some of your personal motivations.

In many respects I am at about the same place where you are at on this road to med indescribable and yet exciting simultaneous internal driving and external pulling to be a doctor.

I am a couple pre-reqs and the MCAT away from applying, so I will also likely be applying in '09.

Wish you all the best, and I will be looking forward to hearing more of how you turn challenges into accomplishments.



A Doc 2 Be said...

Thank you both! It's definitely a journey :D

Hope 2009 brings the very best for you.

Happy New Year!