Sunday, January 22, 2012

Paterno 1926 - 2012

Sadly, a man many admired, respected and whom ennobled a football culture at Penn State, apparently has passed away this evening according to CBS news,, etc... now it is being denied.

To his credit, he built a football franchise that even me rooted for - Nittany Lions... led to Detroit Lions... and anything with a furred mane.

It is sad that his legacy will also encumber a footnote about the debacle that is Sandusky. No longer able to keep the two apart in an article, it will be likewise in his death.

Paterno should have done more. Paterno should have known. Paterno, this, or Paterno that.

I agree. What that sleazeball Sandusky did to kids should not go unpunished. Paterno paid the price of loyalty to a friend with his career, and apparently, with his life. Is there anyone who did not wonder how long Paterno would last, once he was removed from the field he loved, and his players who loved him right back.

My hope is that his family is left alone in what is sure to become a media hype, and conspiracy theorists abound. My hope is that his family can move on beyond the disaster that was left in Sandusky's wake. My hope is that Paterno is now at peace, only having to answer to one being now.

"Why Joe, why?"

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