Sunday, May 20, 2012

Almost There!

Left on Friday afternoon with only a 45 minute layover in Hawtlanta. Good, right?

Baaaaaddddd, very, very baaaad. Coupled with a 30 minute delay in my outbound flight, let's just say that I probably did not need to hit the gym that night. I ran. Literally, through five terminals and was ... Boarded. Breathing hard, legs aching I also realized I needed to start eating differently now that school is out. Those daily pints of Ben & Jerry's Half Baked not only induced a sugar fixation but also a sofa affinity that had been nonexistent before. I will be fit when I return.

Quito was shiveringly cold. Had not expected that; my shorts and thin cotton dress stop were not enough. Overnight the JW Marriott was sublime and everything I expect from that chain's top hotel. Marble floors, fine linens, comfy pillows, and chocolate on my pillow! I know, what about that "eating better thing" , right? It was the size of a marble. Noooo guilt!

At the Quito airport yesterday, a little girl was standing next to me. Now, I will tell you I am not short in the U.S. standing at 6'1". In Ecuador...

This little girl came to about my knees. I kept waiting for binoculars to come out to see my face! Seriously!! Anyway, I stood there and this tiny voice, "Uno, dous, tres, quattro..." and I looked down at her. Facing the wall, her eyes covered, she counted. Looking around, I saw her father hiding behind a post. She stopped counting, looked at me, "Papa.... Papa....". As she wandered the small area calling for her father, you could start to feel a little of her angst. And his as she did not find him right away.

No worries, though. I pointed him to where she was, he hurried up and that little girl's smile was as broad as her body tall! Her papa swooped her up into his arms... It was an "awwwww" moment.

So, I am in Guayaquil now. And I am finally warm!! Pics coming soon from Guayaquil!

(If the posts appear as a endless stream of text in one paragraph, be assured, I wrote from my iPad!)

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