Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Call To Help Others

My dad turned 82 last week.  He's still at home having now spent almost all of 2012 at home, rather than in the hospital.  Mayo is awesome but home is far better!

Dad can still drive having passed his annual driver's exam, and cook his own meals without burning the house down (a gift he learned from me was the ease of use fire extinguisher!). He shops for himself (and my mom) and while often sneaking in some chocolate, it is the sheer ability to shop that keeps him smiling!

There are many people my dad's age who cannot do those things.  They may be physically challenged and unable to manuever outside their homes for a shopping excursion, or even for a trip to the driveway.

That's where Store To Door comes in handy.  Helping those over 60 stay in their homes, remain happy and content, to enjoy their lives.

Here is a link to the latest newsletter.  Perhaps in your own community there is a similar organization, reaching out to those often forgotten.

Please consider donating.  Any amount helps - even just spreading the good word of the great deeds S2D accomplishes!

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