Monday, July 2, 2012

I'm Alive

I am not quitting the path (as you all probably guessed), but I did move 1500 miles to sunny, amazing, wonderful Florida.

Thank you to all the Floridians who have made my first few days awesome!



NP Odyssey said...

Where in Florida. Do not have to say exactly but curious because I worked as a travel nurse in Orlando, Sarasota and Clearwater. Love the Gulf coast.

A Doc 2 Be said...

We are very near those areas :) Once upon a time, in a life conjured from a far away insurance company, who wanted to become public with a great Snoopy dog logo, I was "stationed" here as lead of one of the teams ...

Finally, we are back! :D

Ooooh, and that heat?


Slamdunk said...

Glad to hear you are good and safe in Florida.

Remind me in December to bother you about how jealous I am.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Come December, I imagine I will have attained lots of "friends" ... :)

We are happy!! It is 92, sunny, humid, did you catch that 92 and sunny part?!?!?

Whoo hoo!


NP Odyssey said...

I loved Clearwater Beach and was a staff nurse at Morton Plant Mease. Dunedin is a great little city to visit. Good luck and I too loved the heat. Funny to hear a Minnesotan say that, they are usually the first one to complain about it.