Thursday, July 5, 2012

Most Iconic View + Most Iconic Animal - Old Lonesome George

Snorkeling off Pinnacle Rock was amazing.  For about 2 hours we swam with penguins and sea lions.  The penguinos have no fear of humans and as they chased fish around us, they would not change direction.  For instance, at one point, there was a very fast little fellow aimed directly at me, I had to swerve to get out of his way or I might have been... doubtful... but one never knows.  I'm sure they are not as directionally challenged as I!

So, boarding the Panga again to get dry clothes, we landed on the other side of Bartolome to climb to the iconic site of which no Galapagos book is complete with out it.

The hike is steps (again reminding me of the stairs in Quayaquil to the top of Santa Ana hill).  Boardwalk with little side outs to rest upon.  The hike is not that easy but not that difficult.

My pictures do not adequately depict the scene.  Thankfully, Nat Geo has not requisitioned my photos from the trip either :)

And this is the other side:

We still saw a few birds here and there but the sight from the top - marvelous!

Tomorrow's post will bring you to "China Man's Hat" or Sombriero China and more animals.

The remainder of my trip includes Isabella, Fernadina, Rabida, and Daphne Major.

Oh and lest you think I did not remember him, Old Lonesome George.  We thought he was already dead when we were there.  Here is a picture of the sign outside his massive enclosure, taken on May 24, 2012.

and of course, the magnificent, old, wrinkled icon himself - looking barely alive May 24, 2012:

RIP Old Man!

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