Friday, July 6, 2012

Losing My Anonymity

I am considering taking the blog private for some time due to my anonymity now being shot.  Those who know me in real life, to whom I've invited to read it, were people I trusted, people whom I knew had the story of what has happened since that fateful day - December 4, 2007 - and people whom I knew "had my back" so to speak.

This week an email from a best friend's, parents' best friend sent me a link to which I posted.  The organization is well known in the city and very well thought of.  I sent him the blog post back (which I have done before).

What I didn't know is that it would get sent out by the president of the organization to everyone on their board with my full real name attached.  There are many executives on that board who do not know what I went through and if all they read were a few posts, they'd think me someone they did not want to know.

What they do not realize, is that in real life I keep my damn fool mouth shut.  I smile and say niceties, I thank the clerk for giving me MY change, thank the waitress for being kind enough to refill my water or diet coke.  I say please and thank you, smile when I'm mad nodding my head so that in private, I can vent.

My blog was my venting place.  Again, those who know me in real life know the stories in full.  They also know me to be publicly soft spoken and kind hearted.

I am not embarrassed, ashamed, or humiliated about any post I have made on this blog.

I will never back away from the wrongful misconduct of my former SVP of finance and his financial fraud committed on behalf of the company.  Never.  If I could change one, and only one, aspect of that entire time in my life, I would have pursued the court case all the way to trial if need be because no one else had my back, as I was to find out except for:

the SEC; and that group failed to act because I refused to testify or find myself in legal trouble for breaking the confidentiality agreement with the company... while vindicated by the SEC who stated I did the right thing, the amount was not Enron sized.

I am not sorry that I posted about Sir Hawtsalot who still remains anonymous.  Despite some things he did to me, or failed to inform me of, or decided erroneously to eliminate certain details of his life, he still remains ...

If I do take this private, please email me at and I will add you as a reader.  If not, I'll continue to post and one day, it will magically reappear.

My best to all of you -


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