Saturday, November 14, 2009

"This Is It"

When Michael Jackson passed away in June, like many other closet fans of his, I mourned the loss. While I secretly danced in my home to his music, and listened to it loudly in my truck, I never openly admitted my secret amazement at this talented musician.

My secrecy never had to do with his music. He was beyond talented. I would akin him to a modern day Mozart - just as gifted, obsessed with perfection, and just as tragic.

Tonight's viewing of the movie, "This Is It" was awesome to watch, a feast for my ears, and a massage for my feet as they never quit moving. I wanted to get up and dance but knew better. I also had to choke back a few tears as I realized this amazing talent would never grace the stage again.

Not that it matters from the other side of a computer screen, his family should be embraced and honored for letting this picture be made. I realize the naysayers out there and the sarcastic dolts will say the family let it be released for money.

Perhaps. Who cares?

Michael loved what he did - you can feel it as you are taken on a journey through concert rehearsals. Michael was energized, active, and engaged not some doped up, zombie that some would like you, dear reader, to believe.

Go watch. Go pay the $10 (really? when did those prices go up?!). Go enjoy.

I know I did - my feet are still moving!

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