Saturday, May 29, 2010

Apparenty, I'm Funny...

Another contract opportunity has come up for me, this one at a large medical type company that is world renown. The contracting company asked if I'd ever heard of it. Outwardly, I said of course; inwardly, I thought and told a friend of mine, "No, I live in miles beneath the surface of the Earth, underneath granite in a cave with bats where my leg hair has gotten so long, I can braid it" where upon, I apparently, grabbed my club.

My friend thinks I'm funny. I don't think he understands that I come from Viking heritage where we women braid our hair, drag our men by the scruffs of their necks back to our caves making them scrub the walls with the tail feathers of our latest kill.

The sense of humor is back. I see the light, it is not a train... it is not a reflection of the latest Tsunami to hit my life, it is not a hurricane brewing off the coast of my life, it is the light after a long, dark spell.

Sailing on Thursday night reminded me of a life I lived so long ago, where the troubles of the day left with the breezes in the wind, where the issues to be dealt with are meaningless and life seems so simple.

Oh yea, I'm not giving up the dream but I'm ever thankful, my sense of humor has come back home... lost, not forgotten and surely missed.

BTW, Storm had the zoomies ~ the very best sign of a happy, healthy, LIVING, great dane! Even more reason to smile and laugh and enjoy life again!

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