Saturday, May 15, 2010

Official Incomplete


I had to. Professor and lab instructor actually encouraged me to take their offering of completing the work after school is officially over. So, I am.

The schedule is in place. I will hit it.

This weekend finalizing lab reports and writing paper.

Monday finishing up take home quizzes.

Tuesday is final exam prep with the professor which can't hurt no matter that I won't take it until June.

Rest of this week and next, studying for the 3rd exam that I missed. And hoping that the contract comes through for summer which will pay for all of next year when I can just be a student - not working, not bound to a house that is decaying.

My lab instructor called me in yesterday. I wondered what trouble (haha) I'd gotten into.

She said for the first time I looked rested and the spark was in my eyes again. The professor stopped by, he said I looked like I'd turned a corner.

I have. I feel pretty damn great! And soon, I'll be done with g-chem, working on a contract, and registered for next fall.

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Slamdunk said...

Sounds like it is for the best. Best wishes as you continue to jump over those tall obstacles.