Sunday, August 15, 2010

How Things Have Changed

Anger is a normal, human emotion. Everyone feels it. Everyone reacts to it. How one reacts to that passionate dissonance inside is one aspect of what defines us to the outside world.

Take my neighbors this morning for instance.

Calmly drinking my diet coke, eating my chocolate covered donut, pondering my day's event (dress shopping for very fun activity next weekend with very handsome man who is not-my-son), I hear as loud as day;

She, "So get your A@@ over here and help me, you jerk. All you do is sit around, drink beer, and swear at me. Can't you help?"

He, "You're such a bi#$%. If maybe you'd stop to think about how stupid you sound to the rest of the world and quit your dumb as bat-sh@# swearing at me like you're some bad@#$ Harley ho, maybe I'd be more helpful. Je@#$ you sound like a sailor!"

And so it went. For about 10 minutes, 100' away from my front door, 100' separating them from each other, it continued.

The swearing got worse, of course, the name calling, gender bending antics of my neighbors in a neighborhood that I long to leave quickly and as quietly as I came.

Last year, I was sitting upon my deck at night relishing the quiet stillness of the surrounding forest, taking pictures of the meandering fawns and does that sniffed and wove their way into my yard. The worst I ever heard from my neighbors was a car door slammed, or maybe a loud boisterous laugh at a bonfire...

Those were the days. I eagerly await those days coming back to me.

Soon, I suppose. Until then, I shall giggle at the loud, swearing boisterous couple inside the respite of my rented house.

Make yours a great day and I shall do the same!

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