Tuesday, December 28, 2010

InterStim for Bowel Control

While researching what could cause lack of bowel control in elderly people, I found the Mayo site to be helpful in qualming fears in the elderly person's child.  Yes, one of my parents has a bowel disorder that causes the individual great embarassment over the past weekend.

In helping the individual (washing the clothes, finding suitable and fitting alternatives from my son's and my respective closets, getting towels, and other sundries), my primary concern was the underlying cause.  The person said the colonoscopy done last fall showed nothing (no polyps, no other types of growths); when questioned about foods that set it off, the reply was nothing of note.  When questioned about nerves, nothing out of the usual came up as things are actually quieting down for our family.  My last questions were current diet - enough water in diet as constipation is a cause for fecal incontinence.  Odd, right?  At the end of all the discussions over the period of three days, I realized there was not much I could do but provide assistance when needed, support when asked for, and love... unconditional love and acceptance.

I also looked up Medtronic's InterStim device and whether or not the FDA had given MDT approval yet to market the device in the U.S.

Fabulous device that allows bladder control and is FDA approved in the US.  Other gastro-uro uses included bowel but that usage is only approved in the EU currently.  Yes, AdvaMed code allows physicians to implement the device for bowel incontinence in the US but I can imagine doing so means the insurance companies won't pay for it.

So, the elderly person is caught in cross-fire until I win the lottery, or the FDA approves bowel usage.  I hope the approval comes sooner rather than later as etiologically, there is nothing wrong my elderly parent and the bowel.  Apparently, it is just sacral nerve degeneration that happens with aging.

Here's a snapshot of the device and a link to MDT's site.  (At work, I'll upload pic later from home)


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