Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Relieved (Not Really)

All jesting aside, for some reason, I ALWAYS sigh relief when my background check comes back.  Not sure why.  I have no speeding tickets on my record (they were expunged with a batting of my eyes, and a flirty smile... or maybe it was just the DA's way of allowing everyone who promised not to be bad for the next year's way of getting to his ski resort quicker), I have never so much as uttered a bad word in public (privately that may be a different story)...

But for the American Red Cross a ciminal background check must be done (yeay!) and mine, is below (sans the very personal information which I deftly used paintbrush tool on).

Have no fear, your blogger has a clean sheet :D  (not that you have doubted it anyway)


Speculative Speculum said...

Ha ha! I'm always strangely relieved also when my criminal background checks come out clean. The same goes for urine drug screens. It's completely irrational because I've never done anything, but I worry that things can be mixed up with other people's information and whatnot. Congratulations, though!

A Doc 2 Be said...

Thanks - I have my first opportunity this weekend :)

(Tried to stop by your own blog but am not invited :( )