Thursday, February 4, 2010

Back To Chemistry

I'm not quiet in the real world about the issues surrounding the chemistry at my alma mater. It is not the professors themselves anymore, the one with the issues was subsequently told to stop showing up for work, it is the overall mentality that the department is untouchable.

So, I'm taking chemistry elsewhere. The professor seems approachable and yet completely NOT creepy. The professor is funny without being crude and slimy. The professor is helpful without digressing into his own personal life struggles with his wife (yes, there is WAYYYY more to that than I will ever post on here).

I'm excited again! Came home last night, renewed with energy, excited to be part of a classroom where I can learn the material, digest and ingest it for the MCAT because as we already know, the MCAT is our beast to slay... in my case, MCAT is going to be my best friend, my ticket to a little envelope that gets delivered by the UPS truck and says, "Congratulations!"

Yep, I'm on the path... one day at a time.

Now, if I could only find my pencil pack, the flash cards, my desk, the floor, the pots/pans, and food... :)

Make it a great day!

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Mi said...

Good Luck!
Your positivity is inspiring!