Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Where Has Ad2b Been?

Working. Like a dog. The house? Oh. That thing where my body tries to sleep every night?

Well? The boxes are not here yet, the remote for the tv is still missing, my microwave blew up the first time I tossed a bag of popcorn in it, and life as I once knew it... is gone. I love my new life, in a new home... just wish I could watch the tv now that I have cable.

So, classes. I'm finding out tomorrow if I can do the installment plan and if so, then I'm in chemistry. Curious to find out, though, if I really need the credits for G chem 2 as the med school no longer requires it (yes, the MCAT still contains the material but I know the rate laws, kinetics, dynamics, equilibrium, solutions, solutes, solvents, molality vs. molarity, and biochem). Have been thinking maybe I could AP out of gchem 2, work this semester to get my feet financially under me, and then start up with ochem in the fall...

Not sure yet. A lot depends on which way the university sends me tomorrow morning. In some ways, I'd really like to take the class for credit and help stay in school... until then, I hear I can warm up hot fudge the old fashioned way - boiling water and putting the glass jar into that pan. Of course, I do have Moose Tracks waiting for the topping!



WordDoc said...

Moose tracks?

Old MD Girl said...

Med school doesn't require chemistry anymore? No G chem OR ochem? How on earth are you ever going to be a doctor without understanding the inner workings of a battery or a S1 substitution reaction!!! Oh the humanity!!

Seriously though, I hadn't had G chem for 11 years or some such when I took the MCAT, and it was completely FINE. I had to re-teach myself all the things you mentioned, and I still got a 12 on the physical sciences section. Do not take unless you have to.

Better double check on the requirements though. The last pre-med I talked to definitely still needed ochem to apply, and I think g chem too. My guess is that it varies school to school.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Moose Tracks is a flavor concoction of ice cream - vanilla bean ice cream, swirled with caramel, and cripsy chocolate chunks whisked in. I add melted hot fudge sauce on top. :)

As for med school applications, a few med schools have changed their requirements for entry into med school. The physical sciences is now much broader and less specific. There is no more: 2 gchem, 2 ochem, 2 physics, 2 bio, toss in some psy and math. It is more akin to, "Well, take 1 bio, 1 g OR ochem, then fill up on other science courses to total XXX credits."

I've therefore, taken what is still being tested on the MCAT, cross referenced it to what I have/want to take, and scheduling out from there. Ala, NO NO nO gchem 2 (puke, yuke BOrrrrringggg).

I'd like to take upper biochem (yeay!!!) and micro but think if I take ochem 1, that should be sufficient.

So long inner workings of a battery and the electron transfer and rate of reaction between non-metals and metalloids. :D