Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Moving For Med School

The situation at my university is fairly dire. I've asked a plethora of people for their thoughts, and apparently, I'm not paranoid. The issue with the professor has stunk up the pond, so to speak.

My parents are geriatric pushing 80. They are my lifeline, my sole support, my greatest love outside of my own son. I cannot imagine not being within a few hours drive time max of being here for them.

What to do. I've also signed a lease for 16 months until May 2011 at which time I'd hoped to be admitted somewhere.

I'm not sure where I'd even go, to be honest. This great country of ours is amazing.

North Carolina is absolutely gorgeous. LOVED Raleigh-Durham.

Florida is amazing with its summer heat, no bugs during the day, and NO snow.

Tennessee is stellar. The rolling hills of Chattanooga are a sight to see and breath taking.

California homes some of my greatest friends and has the ocean.

Colorado has the mountains and the fresh clean air.

Minnesota has the lakes, the snow, and the nice people.

But there is no place like home... and being close to my elderly parents.

What to do.


Anonymous said...

Some people dream, some people do. Never lose that dream and follow it to the ends of the earth. Use your heart, mind and soul in the decision making process- something that all good docs and even docs2be do- and you'll make the right decision for everyone... but especially the right one for you.

Old MD Girl said...

What you described before sounded like it was a comment that said professor made in passing. Now it's "stinking up the pond?" What exactly went down between you and him? It seems weird that he would have bad-mouthed you unless something else had happened....

Am I misunderstanding something?

You're going to have to open up your med school application process to places other than your current city. That is just a fact of life. I wanted to stay in Chicago and thought I was a given for that particular school, but ended up here. The application process is a fickle one, and the idea that you're going to have to apply broadly is something you better get used to embracing now, or else you risk being very disappointed in a few years.

A Doc 2 Be said...

OMDG, I posted back at you on your own blog :)

Will fill you in if you'd like and yes, there is a lot to what he did to me, to my son.