Thursday, September 9, 2010

Amazing Gen Chem

hahaha. So glad that is behind me but must say, I was excellently taught the subject.

As I sat in biology today, and watched lipids being built with angled structures, I saw a hydrophilic head, and hydrophobic tail... The reaction between glucose and fructose lopped off a water in a condensation reaction making sucrose. HA! I had that 15 months ago, and I still remember it.

Also wrote the registrars office asking for a refund of my tuition from last fall. Am not going to belabor that semester here, which has already been done numerous times.

I'm hopeful I can register soon and it will be official. Continuing to look for alternate sources of funding to continue my path to application cycles next summer turned up another tidbit.

Will be checking the tidbit out, but a good contract right now would suffice. I have no problem paying my own way instead of begging for handouts, either way, I'd be able to march to the finish line.

So, hooray for g-chem being done, and hooray I was taught well last year! Still clear in my head... who'd have thunk!


Slamdunk said...

Good to hear that you are building on a foundation. If I retained anything from a previous class, I'd call it a success.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Haha, SD. I bet you retain every little nuance you see and hear. The detective in you could not possibly help being any other way!

Make it a great day!