Thursday, September 23, 2010

Saw something hilarious today, hopefully, this will come through well:

So, we've had what, 100" of rain in last 24 hours? Streets are a little flooded, puddling on roads, storm drains are full, water is very fluid (haha) and certainly abundant right now, right?

My son has his math class M-F at 9 at the U (still doing very well). He needed a ride home today at 2 as he was studying at school longer, wanting to make sure he understood every concept for tomorrow's exam. Meanwhile, I think I saw "cows" in the raindrops that were falling, it was getting worse.

I am driving along Huron and see that the buses are in front of me, which is a bad thing because I can't get into the pick-up area in front of son's building then. However, I stay the course... driving slowly (killing me), worried said child is getting wetter.

As I follow this one bus down the road, he starts to speed up. Then he carefully, and almost it seems maliciously, aims his tires for the big pooling streams along the sidewalk... Sure enough, VICTIMS!

With walls of water streaming down, the students were drenched. At first I thought it was a mistake, but no, the idiot bus driver splooshed, splashed and drenched walking students. They'd try to shield themselves with their umbrellas to no avail; umbrellas curled up, 5' walls of water streaming down, they were soaked.

The last two victims were walking in same direction as the traveling bus. They had no idea Typhoon MTA was on the way. Sure enough, without pretense or hesitancy, the 6' wall of water rained down on them.

It is one of those things I wish I'd Youtubed. While I feel completely terrible for the people who got drenched, I must admit, I still howl and could not breathe when I picked my son up... he too saw it, the other students in line were laughing... Typhoon MTA wins the day!

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SeaSideRobin said...

Am I an awful person if I've done that before? (Drove into a huge puddle and splashed a group of high school kids crowding on the curb of the sidewalk to look for their bus... yeah, I think I am. But god it was funny.)