Friday, September 10, 2010

Contract Opportunity in Research

An opportunity to work with clinical researcher has arisen. It would not pay overly well, but enough to keep the cave's roof over my son's and my head. In addition, I believe I would be working directly with the PIs in helping them through grant funding requests, payments, and newsletters.

I'm excited! What a perfect way for me to work and still go to school!! Sitting in o-chem today, the professor walked by as I was working on some really easy Lewis structures, and then commented to the entire classroom:

Many of you are starting in the wrong place making carbon be the central atom in the molecule. It should be oxygen. I looked down, and sure enough, mine was right, including the resonance structure.

Oh... how glad I am to leave gen chem behind! I did very well on the ACS exam for gen chem but man, I love ochem. Love it!

So, looking for a contract; looking for a way to still keep the cave over my head, and the path to medical school still lit.

Aside from the centipedes I routinely wake up to in the morning, or the spiders, or the red bugs - do not know what they are and have never seen before - I do not overly mind living in a small house... it is the end goal that matters, not the here and now.

Make yours a great day! I'm ever hopeful (again).

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Anonymous said...

Have to agree - organic chemistry is pretty awesome. Glad to hear you're back working towards your goal. Best of luck to you.