Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gunners, Snipers, & Others

Cheaters and thieves come in all forms, even med school students. What makes this especially sad, is the med school students no longer need to compete with their undergraduate, not-admitted brethren. They've already attained the holy grail of what we pre-meds are striving for.

Ideas stolen are not original and while flattering, is also rather disingenuous. Will you be like that as a doctor? I imagine so and become vilified and distrusted amongst your physician peers.

I hope you find the reason for your need to steal and thieve, run and gun. Life is short and paradoxically, long as well.

Good luck to you.


Unknown said...

What is a Gunner/Sniper? How have I missed this new vernacular?

The video seems to define a gunner as someone that studies all day. I am that way myself... not for brownie points, but because I want to be the kind of physician that didn't just do the minimum required to pass. It looks like the full scope of a gunner also includes a bit of arrogance. In my experience with doctors, this seems like a required trait :)

Love your blog by the way!

A Doc 2 Be said...

Thank you!!

A gunner/sniper is someone that not only studies all day (which most of us do) but also does whatever it takes to make his/her classmates look bad...

For instance: someone says, "I have this great idea" furthering a discussion about the subject, and then starts to write/clarify it.

A gunner/sniper would take that idea, get the writing done as well and turn it in as their own without acknowledgment or kudos to the originator, or the larger group.

OR in the case of a resident/intern, the gunner/sniper would be the first one to ask any all questions usurping the time of the attending thereby leaving all others without time to ask their questions or worse, looking foolish.

Non Traditional Pred Med Guy said...

did you witness someone cheating??

i totally agree with you. what's the point of cheating. it doesn't help. are you still going to cheat when you are in front of your patient? geeze.

A Doc 2 Be said...

I'm a firm believer in karma :)