Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Divorce...

Ha!! THAT got your attention, didn't it?!

I've never been married so my divorce had to do with my lunch a few weeks ago, while shadowing a doc for the day. Yep, replete with my suit, matching purse, and well heeled shoes, I also had a divorce work up in the making after the dab of cottage cheese didn't sit so well with the pasta salad.

Fortunately for me, the physician is everything I would expect one to be... kind, caring, courteous, genuine, and hilarious. I'm not sure who got a bigger kick out of me blacking out and "divorcing" - him or his nurse! Erstwhile, I sat and wondered if I'd be asked back again.

The med school process only begins with great grades and solid MCAT score. In between getting those there is the shadowing component and for some, like myself, it it critical. Finding those shadowing experiences, however, can be tedious and difficult especially in light of HIPAA regulations and tighter HR.

In my case, the school of choice has stated pretty clearly one thing I need is rural family practice shadowing in light of the fact that I have lived for the past 15+ years in a major metro area, no matter that the village I live in 30 miles removed from that metro and has maybe 1000 people in it. Suffice to say, the only noise I hear at night comes from the deer in the woods or the owl.

What came of a shadowing set-up via my own father was amazing. I was worried, however, that my brief time outside the patient room "investigating" the better plumbing of the medical clinic might preclude me from coming back and shadowing some more.

I need not have worried. I'm headed back again for another day. This time I'll make sure I eat properly before I get there, have a decent lunch, and wear comfortable shoes.

Honestly, it's the little "you can do this" nudges that help make a 9.5 hour physics lab write up seem worth it, or a 12 hour study session for biochem wanted not merely needed.

And just when I needed another "wth am I thinking" question answered, it came in email.

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