Thursday, September 24, 2009


I hate to admit it. Really, I do. In life, I dress, eat, and talk like everyone else but deep inside, I have this major secret. Sometimes it comes out in little doses but not big enough really to put anyone over the top and me into the "geek-o-sphere." Until now.


Secretly, I really like physics. Please don't tell anyone.

Tonight was the first exam of this new school year. A few things stand out about it, especially in light of needing beta blockers, Concerta, and diet coke (don't forget the diet coke!!).

My headaches that normally come with exams were non-existent until the end of the test, then during the group discussion portion of the test, I was calm, cool, and laughing with my group mates about the Darwinian Award type problem we had to solve (yeay, for Kittie O'Miller).

The strong flight instinct that I've honed for 45 years, dissipated with each passing minute and instead transformed into something more positive - I wanted to be there, I wanted to be in class, and geekily enough, I want to stay in physics and might I say, "Ace it?"

Yes, I'm a bit geeky... probably more so now that I think about it. Physics, organic chemistry, and math oh my.

Another walking stone on my path to med school :)

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