Monday, December 5, 2011

Dear Santa

Wouldn't it be great if we could really write a real Santa and ask for something that meant the world to us?

What if Santa read the letter, pondered how to deliver, and then actually did so on a snowy Christmas Eve night?

A friend of mine (I think I can call her that) is an artist.  Not the garden variety whipping out trinkets and trash for sales at outdoor markets (NOT that there's anything wrong with that, I just don't think Picasso sold his wares at open markets!), the kind that works her craft for hours. 

Last year, with Sir Hawtsalot's birthday, Nanci was helping me create a piece of art for him.  Something that would mean something to him.  She helped devise the plan for Vegas and the subsequent tie into the art piece.

Sir Hawtsalot and I were planning a party at his home.  A large gathering of friends and peers to celebrate the upcoming holiday season.  He'd given me carte blanche access to his home, his activity wishes, and his desires for entertainment and food. 

 I was busy contacting caterers, decorators, valet parking attendants, and carollers. The decorating inside was going to be a blast, something he'd not had before. While conjuring images of his soaring fireplace,

I saw this:

Nanci created the piece a few years ago.  I was simply awestruck.  It is stunningly beautiful, capturing the heart of everyone's thoughts at Christmas.

Will Santa read my letter?  Will Santa care?  Will he respond?

What you don't see in the background is the bookcase for every child that "Santa" ever delivered a gift to.  In person, you can read the names (and find your own).

It is perfect!  And would have fit perfectly above Sir Hawtsalot's fireplace in the main living room, except for the part where I broke up with him.  Yeah.  Except for that part.

ANYWAY, the original art is still available.  It is gorgeous!

If you would like to see more of Nanci's art, please visit the link here:  Stunning Art - Nanci Fulmek

And just in case you didn't know:

1)  she did not ask me to do this
2)  she owns all rights to the picture in this post
3)  she owns all rights to any copies made of it
4)  she's awesome!

Last, we all know what I want for Christmas this year.  Impossible relationships made possible.

Make it a great day!


NPO said...

Pretty. In today's world of greed we could all use a little Santa or relearn the true meaning of Christmas.

In the background are books with all the children that Santa ever delivered to. The Elves are probably scanning and putting them on his laptop as we speak.

A Doc 2 Be said...

The picture doesn't do the piece justice. In person, the brush strokes in Santa's hat are precise, deliberate, and truly deepen the picture.

My own beliefs aside, I think we all could be Santa.

In the prior post, when I wrote, "If you do not know what to do, just ask" - that really is the crux of it:

just ask.

The people who asked how they could help me during the dark times, or asked how I was doing, or wrote here to say better days were coming and they were sorry for the misery in my life...

well, because of all of them, my misery was lessened. None of them had to give a material or financial thing to me and even if they had offered such things, I'd have refused;

their heartfelt question did everything and more.

And I've never forgotten them.

A Doc 2 Be said...

psh on laptop, iPad... get with the times :P

Anonymous said...


Cartoon Characters said...

LOVE that painting! I have always loved the santa....I guess it comes from not having much when I was growing up and there was always the hope of santa....

I was just discussing with my husband as we were watching a Christmas ad touting expensive electronic gifts to we never got anything worth more than a couple dollars for Christmas, if anything at all...and how much money one is now guilted into spending at Christmas time!

Somehow the spirit is lost in all the commercialism...

Your friend is talented!