Thursday, December 8, 2011

Not Finals Week Exhaustion

In less than 12 hours, I have a biology lab final.  Between work, lecture, back to work, getting home to study, son asking me to take him to dinner (and whom I'm won't see for three days while he works when I'm sleeping, and I'm at school while he's home), and back home to firmly plant my glutes in a seat, I have no energy to study for the lab final.

Today after lecture, the professor asked, "Are you going to get an A in the class?"

I laughed, "Isn't that pretty much up to you???"

He snickered, "Just exactly where are you sitting?"

"I'm at a low A, which is why I asked about the point for the one question."

He paused, said something about curve, adding points to entire class, etc, eyebrows furrowed a little, "How many points did you get overall on the lecture quizzes?"


His eyebrows raised, smile broadened, "The class average is 15," followed by a slight wink.  "Did you go back and look at exam 1's key?"

"I can still draw the charts you put on the overhead and explain them as well as cellular respiration and photosynthesis as well as which plants grow where and why, with the appropriate cell structures included.  Each graph you draw, I redraw to make sure I know it inside and out and how to interpret.  Even if I wanted to, I could not forget them."

"You got 22 points on the lecture quizzes" he smiled, adding, "Have a great weekend.  Remember where the class average is at."

Got it.  I'm doing well.  I need to review my exam 1 materials well.  Some of those questions will appear again.  I need to make sure I can answer evolution questions without over-analyzing the question asked.

For instance, on one question: Darwin and Wallace were and found that 
a)  genetic material is the root cause of evolution
b)  natural selection was the root cause of evolution
c) some stupid answer that makes no sense
d) all of the above

I over read thinking there is no way that Darwin and Wallace had access to view and analyze genetic material and Watson and Crick had not been born yet.  I chose "B" and got it wrong.  I over analyzed.  I over thought.

And now.  I can't think at all.

I'm too tired and my give a damn is looking at comfy pillows...

But, I can find fun biology video :)


NPO said...

I'll keep it simple. "22"

A little frosty MN weather and it is still "22"

A Doc 2 Be said...

22 does not = 24