Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ochem Final?

Like viewing art you don't know what to think: interesting.

It could go either way.  I know I thought I had another 20 minutes so I ended up stapling my NMR molecule to the test form.  Heard from others that 1/2 class was done before time was up, and the other 1/2 was not.

We'll see.  Cannot do anything about it now and honestly, if I'm teaching myself NMR, two days before the final, have never missed a day of class, take copious notes, do the homework, and I still do not understand?  Nor does the class or his other section?

There might be a problem (not saying it is the professor's fault entirely but, seriously...)

Make it a great day!  I'm out of school (for now - we'll see what ochem grade looks like next week, I suppose).


Slamdunk said...

Congrats on overcoming what sounds like a difficult situation. You know I'll be here cheering you next week.

Anonymous said...

I've never finished an exam with more than a couple of minutes to spare, so don't think about the amount of time that others take to do an exam. I knew all of the top people in my organic chemistry class, and none of us was done with more than a minute or so to spare on the final. Don't try to play their game, play your game.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Thanks, SD and MSO for the ongoing support!

However, in review, I've realized that in my panic:

I tried to DEprotonate ethane with???

H2SO4 (hahahaha - breathe, oh boy, hahahahaha)

(was trying for weak base, panicked and instead of Na2SO4 or some such thing - nope put down a strong acid /bonk head on table)

And I'm not sure if OsO4 can do syn addition on wedges but opposite side of bond?

And... you know, my NMR had to be stapled to the test.

It's done. :) Can't do anything differently now. And IF I get a grade lower than a "B"... well, I'll figure it out then.

Phathead said...

Our prof taught a separate 1 credit class on Molecular Spectroscopy at the same time which was mildly helpful. NMRs I get... the rest not so much.

Orgo is about as hard as it gets conceptually wise in undergrad namely because you are training your brain to think in a different way. You cannot simply memorize and regurgitate, you actually have to understanding things. It sucks.

And I have, for my entire life, usually been the first one done with an exam. I finished our 80 question pharmacology culmination final in about 25 minutes last night. I've noticed if I stay longer than that, like most, it ends up hurting my grade.

Guess we're all different.