Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Once A Mom, Always A Mom

Back when I was much younger, Princess Diana was pregnant with William and Jackie Onassis was alive and well, as was her son.  I always admired Princess Diana - not because she went from fairly obscure and common looking, to stunning, gorgeous, and a fabulous dresser (she personally is responsible for my fabulous shoe fetish collection - Manolo Blahniks anyone???).  Jackie was much the same, just an earlier generation, an earlier, classier, more finessed era.

What both women shared was a common love of their children.  Jackie O once said that the only job she really cared about was raising her children well.  Princess Di always said she only cared about being a great mom, and making sure her children knew all walks of life, not just the privileged life they'd been born into.

Everyone, but the most cynical and depressed, would say that both women succeeded not only in raising great kids but also in extending compassion to others who need it.  Both had compassion for those less fortunate and rather than just blather on about how people should do something for those folks, they reached out publicly and privately to help others.  Sometimes their contributions were well noted by publicists, yet I believe, more went unnoticed as part and parcel of who they were as women. (Yes, John Jr died in a plane crash but given his vast wealth and prestigious name, he could have done far worse in his life than he did.  As it turned out, he probably really was a fine man.)

I think those of us who are moms, and once our children grow up and start thinking about leaving the house, start looking to others that we can help.

My own son is almost 20.  When I was his age, I was pregnant with my first son.  When I was his age, I was selfish, self-centered, egotistical (somethings NEVER change).  When I was his age, I talked about helping others, about doing more than simple lip service.  I never did.  As he and I've aged, I've started doing more for others out of a need, a selfish need, to remind myself that no matter how hard my life has been, there are far more that it far worse.  As the school semester is rapidly winding down, I find myself in the mother role at school too.  I find other students looking to me for guidance, help, and reference.

As much as I need to focus on being selfish so I can finally get an A or A- in ochem (I pray), I find it hard to turn off the "mom-gene" that was created almost 20 years ago when son #2 was born.  I think for those of us who are moms, who relish the role of nurturing parent, we can't just turn it off when others look for help.

Once a mom, always a mom.

Back to biology (and ochem).

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Slamdunk said...

A worthy message and study break. I hope he reads your blog.

Good skill on the finals--at least the end is near.