Sunday, April 15, 2012

MyLife - Website

I have an old email address that I used a long time ago.  Apparently, the folks at MyLife found fit to run through my entire email address list, of the associated email account, plus all contacts, and somehow a "MyLife" account got set up with my email address linked to?

My ex bf.

I'm sure that I clicked on the stupid thing before we started, and while we were, dating, I'm sure I clicked and wondered WTH it was.  As one of my professors says, I've got a bottomless pit of curiosity.  But not to the point of invading someone's privacy!

Now, I'm pissed.

It feels completely invasive of his and my privacy.  Well, it feels that way because it is.  Despite my walking away from him and his... penchant for things I don't agree with, his privacy is important to me.  Protecting his life has been critical for me.

How embarrassing!!  It's not enough that he wrote me two weeks ago saying he'd been thinking about me (orly?)... wonder if he somehow got some botched up emails saying he was... oh dear God.

So, to all of you: avoid MyLife.  Don't click on it.  I put it up there with hackers in gamer-land.  Creeps!

I've deleted "his" account on Mylife with my email address attached.  They didn't even have his right birthday, or year.  I've also deleted that email address as apparently, hackers or MyLife itself, has used it for bogus reasons.


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