Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nailed It

With a little time on my hands, and a lot of persistence, I nailed my first 100%.  True, it was a small take home problem set (the same kind I flunked a few weeks ago) but it feels like victory!

What's next for biochem?

Well, for starters:

All enzymatic reactions in the cycles: glycolysis, TCA, and ETC; similar enzymatic reactions with gluconeogenesis; all hormones that help the pathways and why they help as well as where their enzymes work; disease states related to enzymatic reactions and why the disease states react the way they do; and finally, inhibition.

With one week to go before the exam, I'm feeling like I've got this... Perhaps, if I'm lucky, I'll be singing the "A" in biochem happy song in about 5 weeks.  When the semester is over, when I say goodbye to premed prereqs and hellooooo to MCAT prep.

Wow!  It's here!  So Soon!  (okay, it only feels like time has flown since I started this path but really, wow!)

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