Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bucking The Current

Sometimes I swim in the ocean and look for starfish, shells, crabs and if lucky a shark or two.

Sometimes in life, I swim against the current trying desperately to cling to whatever beacon of hope I can find.

A credit to a Queen of a different sort, who said this recently:

People think that they can swim directly back to shore when caught in a rip tide.  You have to swim parallel to shore until you get out of the current before you can swim back in.  Stop fighting the current, get out of it altogether and then you can get where you want to go!

I could not have said it better myself.  And I completely agree.  Sometimes it is okay to swim parallel to a dream or a goal or a life choice before finding the right moment to swim ashore and clinch the sweet dream in hand.

The video just reminded me of the undertow of the water, the strength of the underlying pull... and my own ability to continue to swim with it, until I can get things in their proper place.

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Unknown said...

A very beautiful post. I hope you find solace and comfort in it. :)