Friday, October 15, 2010

Philadelphia Freedom

It appears fairly likely, I will be spending a fair amount of time in the Philly area at a VERY large medical type company, near some major universities!

The details are yet to be finalized but if so:

1)  I will  have the MONEY!!!  to pursue my pre-reqs

2)  I will have the MONEY!!! to not sweat the rent

3)  I will have the fire again in the belly...

Crossing my fingers... although, I'd have preferred to be south and warm this winter, cold and snowy is okay too; the dream's passion being stoked again keeping me warm!


I've checked out all the universities and colleges around the Philly area and the three closest to where I'd be housed/working, are:

U Penn (yeay!)
Villanova (yeay!)
Drexel (yeay!)

My first choice would be 'Nova as... well, hoops fan here; and if my son, by chance would be coming with me, I'm sure he'd like to see them hoop-it-up.

Oh gosh, the interview goes well today, I believe I'm in Philly for a few years...

(finding a bag to breathe in while the dream has flickering flames again...)


SeaSideRobin said...

Awesome! Good to hear things are going your way for a change.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Thank you! I'm sitting on pins and needles awaiting my interview call supposedly between 1 and 6 EST today.

If that goes well, I believe I'm off to Philly... and 'Nova... or UPenn.

Checked out housing in the area, and places that would specifically take GIANT dog plus golden retriever.

Trying to breathe... trying to remain calm, confident, optimistic, and ... failing! :D

Adam Browning said...

Congratulations! Good to hear things are looking up.

Old MD Girl said...

You forgot Temple.

A Doc 2 Be said...

I didn't forget Temple, I just looked at its location to where I'd be and it appears less convenient where as UPenn is right off 676 and 76, and 'Nova is at the top of the loop (first choice)...

I am hopeful...