Thursday, September 15, 2011

Biology - Ochem Combo

Ad2b's most excellent adventure continues. Today in biology, after covering the subunits making up carbohydrates and lipids, we ventured into proteins and nucleic acids.

What's interesting, is that yesterday in o-chem, we covered some similar material. What I'm getting in one class, is being reinforced in the other.

Two years ago, a then college peer told me it was not general chemistry that should be required for biology but ochem; which even then, made sense to me.

My professors are both equally enthusiastic about their subject matter. One is a coach, the other is like a galloping cheerleader chucking out words, tossing out food labels, telling stories.

For instance, we talked about enzymes today. A student asked why the enzyme was not consumed in the reaction (g-chem 101 - eh... it is neither reactant or product therefore, not assumed to be consumed; it just speeds up an otherwise, ploddingly slow reaction; kind of like the commercials currently airing by Comcrapcast re: CenturyLink and the turtles)... okay, ADHD is kicking in.

I digress (again).

Enzymes - lipase, ligase, kinase, 'ase et al just help something along.

Did you know that shrimp are only 30% protein at MAX? And that most meat is not full protein? And that eggs when raw have no enzymatic action but boiling them does? (Seriously, I question that as there is no enzyme in it, there is just physical change - chemically, is the egg still not an egg? and boiling water just the mechanism for it to change? not the enzymatic action? and which enzyme is there? one doesn't add an enzyme to the inside of an egg shell whilst boiling to get the reaction - physical change - to being... I think it might have been a bad example)...

Speaking of which, the 11 year old asks LOTS of questions.... lots. Not exactly annoying yet (key word).

Okay, so that was my 2nd week in review.

Oh, and one last thing for tonight (I think, unless my new organic molecular set showed up from Prentice!!! - whoo hoo!!!); I had a quiz on Tuesday IN lecture. I also had a small group sheet to complete in Wedsnesday's lecture as well.

I still have test anxiety. It showed up in both situations.

Back to propranolol... and Concerta.


MacPoolet said...

Hey AD2B - I want to thank you for having my blog's posts in your feed! Just thought I should let you know that the feed has been changed to , so if you want to continue to post updates, it will have to be through that.
Thanks and good luck with everything! James

Anonymous said...

I think you'll find that there is significant overlap between organic chemistry and the first few sections of general biology.

Cartoon Characters said...

love that propanolol! :)