Sunday, September 18, 2011

Geeky Me & OChem

Yep, my molecule set came on Thursday, opened it up on Friday, and last night, after watching "The Lion King" in 3D, I came home, plopped on my bed with my ochem book and molecule set, and started building.

I AM one fun and crazy fun lady, I tell ya!

What did I learn?

That I enjoy playing with adult tinker toys...

Which, by the way, is how I announced it on Thursday night:

While shaking a box, I ran into my son's office (he's 19) and proudly proclaimed:

"OMG, I'm sooo excited!!! My toys for adults arrived!!!"

I did not get, at that point, why my son blanched at me... then he sort of blushed... and then I realized what my exclamation sounded like.



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Woops! But all joking aside, the molecule set is one of the best things about orgo, that and mapping the electron flow in the reactions - you can see how it works on paper! Let your geek flag fly!