Monday, December 28, 2009

"Fine Doctor You Will Make!"

Spent Christmas Eve in the hospital strung up to an IV with meds freely flowing. Apparently, that little ache in my back, a myriad of other symptoms that I've been somewhat ignoring for TWO years, roared loudly and pronounced me ill.

The attending ER doc laughed when he saw my student insurance card and asked what I was in school for. Ermm... rural family practice.

Then the nurse came in, shook her head, "Want to see your lab results?"

"Does the mouthy, drooly basset hound bark?" I laughed.

Note to self: apparently, red blood cells in the urine a bad sign. I'll remember that someday when my own patients come to me and say they've been ignoring some really bad signs for a few YEARS.

When I was released from the hospital the discharging doc with her warm eyes reminded me that health care begins with me, at home. If I'm not well enough to take care of myself, I'm probably not well enough to take care of others. "Fine doctor you will make, but you have to live to do so."

Gotcha. Now about that broken hand of mine from this morning...


Slamdunk said...

Ouch sorry to hear about the pre-holiday doctor visit. I hope you will be at 100% soon.

I had to laugh at your reference to the future doctor's concerns for everyone's health but her own.

It reminded me of those flashy website developers:they design excellent sites for customers, but ignore their own homepage,

A Doc 2 Be said...

I was really thinking my back ache was nothing. Hahaha. Lesson learned.

Thank you for continuing to read!

ForeverRhonda said...

It is always like that....I think it starts with being a mom. We will ignore our own hacking cough, but the minute our child has a sniffle we are on it!

Doctor D said...

Yes, you will make an excellent MD. We are always the worst patients.

Try your best to take care of yourself long enough to become a doctor that doesn't take care of herself!