Friday, December 11, 2009

Jenny Sanford

A woman to be respected and admired. Her self esteem is not tied to a man, or a ring on her finger. Her self esteem is tied to raising good kids, living a good life, and being true to herself.

It had to be hurtful to find out he had an affair. What had to be worse was him publicly announcing he still loved the other woman.

Kudos to her for not discussing their relationship, not discussing her children's lives, and for being true to herself.

As a professor said yesterday to his class: stay on true north. Define yourself by your values and live by them. A tiny skew to one direction will set an entire life off course in a few years. Don't do it.

Jenny Sanford is true to her family, her beliefs, her children and keeping mum about matters that should remain that way.


Dalai said...

It's sad, really. Gov. Sanford was a devoted father. His sons were in my son's Boy Scout troop, and he attended quite a few meetings. At least he took responsibility for his failings, which is more than a lot of politicians can manage.

A Doc 2 Be said...

You are absolutely correct. He did own up to his failings and thankfully, we're not hearing about door #xx, only one person. While what he did was wrong in our society, he apparently loves this woman in Argentina; it was not an addiction.

There is so much I could/want to say on this but will, this time, keep my mouth shut.

I hope that their sons grow up still loving their father, forgiving him for ripping their family apart, and come to understand none of us is perfect.