Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Semester - New Classes

Neuroscience should be interesting, thought it would be. Professors seem very approachable and affable. Their theory seems to be more about getting people who normally would not think about taking science classes to take more than just this one.

While walking across campus I walked through my favorite building (it's one of the many science lab buildings) and saw a posting for a muscle class. It was two hours after my neuro class, so... I went. Graduate level muscle class (5500) and while it might be a bit above my knowledge right now, I think I'm going to like it. Lots of reading to do, research paper, and two take home tests.

Yeah baby!!!

Tomorrow is pharmacology at the 3300 level and then chemistry at another school. For reasons I've only alluded to on here, I think it in my best interest to take the chemistry sequences elsewhere.

NOW, to figure out LAST fall's tuition issue so that I can register and continue on. I can pay for this semester with tax refund and moving allowance for those in foreclosure. Crossing my fingers. Being on campus again had the adrenaline flowing, my smile broadened again.

Oh... and the little side track to the medical school section... where I met a book publisher's representative. Turns out my bachelor's degree might actually help me NOW to pay for all things medical. The publisher pays people to review books, and other projects. It is possible, I might be signed up for that through the rep I met today. How dang cool would that be?! I'd get to read medical texts FOR pay before I got to med school. Neato bandito!

Hope THAT works out too :) :) :)


Slamdunk said...

It sounds like a challenging semester--you will do great and I look forward to reading the updates.

ForeverRhonda said...

What a neat job! To read books and be paid for it. And imagine how ahead you will be having already reviewed the textbooks!

A Doc 2 Be said...

I'm really excited to see if the book review works out. When I first graduated from college, my degree was technical writing and my first real job as an editorial assistant.

I've edited books after that but they were business type books - think Seven Habits and you get the idea.

Just hoping... really want to REGISTER for this semester, not just sit through it.

Crossing fingers!