Monday, January 25, 2010

Renting 101A, Subsection: Pet Help

By now those who have followed the journey of mine know I lost my home. Well, didn't lose the home, I know exactly where it is, just no longer have any obligation to pay for the priviledge of living here. Part of the fear factor was figuring how to pay for pet deposits, other assorted items one doesn't think about when one buys a home.

Leaving behind my furkids was not an option. My love for these canine companions is deep as anyone who knows me outside of pixels on screens can attest. If it came down to it, I was checking out RV spots (okay, just kidding ~ sort of ~ I knew I'd find something just not sure where or how).

Many families are not so lucky, or not so fortunate to find a place.

An organization I hope ALL of you will considering donating to is:

This organization is run by volunteers who donate time and money to help those displaced by foreclosure. The volunteers try to find alternative means for the families with pets so that more pets don't end up in shelters or worse.

Thanks to this amazing group, mine are not being abandoned, dumped off at a shelter, or euthanized. Mine are coming with me.

I know when I am able I will donate, or give back the money they've paid for my pet deposit.

For other families who are not so lucky to find a home that will allow their pets to come with, or those who don't have the money to pay the deposit, I would ask that you donate.

We've all given for Haiti, we've all been shocked by what happened there, and I don't want this post to seem trite or insincere, for the plight there is far worse, and far more unimaginable.

Just asking to think about this group, the next time you want a tax deduction, or wondering "how can I help Ad2b?" this is how. Studying chemistry, or biochem, or biology, or pharma, my furkids are at my feet with their soulful eyes, encouraging me onward.

Kindest regards, warmest thoughts, and many, many blessings.


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femail doc said...

What a wonderful organization. I'm so glad the furkids came along--they are family too!