Saturday, October 17, 2009

Do You Remember Love?

My dogs are my escape. Storm reminds me daily that no matter the age, you can do whatever you want. He is seven, which is old for a great dane. He bounces, and prances through life acting as if his puppy hood never left him and quite honestly, I'm pretty sure it didn't.

I think if left to his own devices and a house wide open when I am gone, I'd come home to find the fridge opened (and cleaned out), I'd find the sheets on my bed full of dog hair (and on the floor), and he'd have investigated the toilets (and cleaned them out for me).

Storm was my naughty puppy. REALLY naughty!!! During the summer I set up my guest house for the dogs replete with a huge fenced in area with cedar shavings. Inside it is 1500 sq ft of doggee heaven. I thought with numerous toys, bones, things to play with and investigate that'd keep him occupied. Apparently, there must have been a toy behind the sheetrock... for I came home to find a 2' hole clawed through the wall.

Then I figured it was just because he was bored. His "friends" the now deceased Abby (Absconder) and Tank (the 160 pound great dane) would play and chew quietly so I bought MORE toys, more Kongs, more kibbles to put inside the Kong, and even a horse tug tied to the kennel wall.

Then, one afternoon/evening I was sitting with him in our family room. It's the only furniture he was allowed to sit on (and long gone). I must've ignored him just long enough (remember, he was sitting WITH me).. when he flicked a paw, and attempted to claw the wall.

He WAS my naughty dog. I no longer worry about him clawing the wall, no longer worry about him investigating toilets... but there is still a spark of naughty in his eye, and almost a pervasive "smile" on his face as his whips up the stairs, flies around our upper level, whips the leaves off the houseplants, and then bows to me.

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