Friday, October 9, 2009

One Class Dropped, Another Two To Go

ugh. I hate this. Failure. Failure to prep, failure to focus, failure to get it all gel'd into place.

The class I am dropping? The one that I've wanted to take since I was in junior high - biochem. LOVED the material - finally, something I was interested in helping me solidify my decision.

But no. Wrote the professor to ask if I could sit through the class until the final drop date; I will get a "W" but that's not what makes me cringe. It's the failure.

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Carl Raymond said...

Don't sweat it too much. I had a semester just like this in spring. I had 4 classes for my full time status - and had to drop 2 classes to prevent the dreaded "F". I too became overwhelmed with "life" issues - namely business matters and stress at home. I ended up taking 2 classes during summer to make up for the deficit and keep my financial aid in order. It wasn't easy, but I'm back on track and learned a valuable lesson about time management and priorities. So far so good - if asked at a medical school interview about it I'll simply show them how this is a good example of how non-trads have much more to manage than traditional students, and more importantly how I re-prioritized, re-tooled, and never gave up. This is to be respected, not frowned upon.

Chinese proverb: fall down seven times - get up eight!