Monday, October 19, 2009

Pitching A Pre-Med/Med Student Reality Show :D

Think of it:

We could have non-trad pre med living with med student who has been there/done that supervised by a pimper physician who thinks he knows it all but really just suffers from introverted narcissism (thanks Ella!! but Dalai, you're too nice) and along the over dinner - errmmm Kraft Mac and Cheese - we could have in depth discussions about health care, payment structures, business model debates, classes (of course) and anything stress related.

America wants to know what really goes on for people to become docs? Why not follow the path from pre-med to physician and everything in between? Forget Grey's and every other over dramatized series... get the real deal!

Heck, I'll even donate the house (2 story colonial with guest house), on secluded acreage along a river.

Who's game?!?!?!

Oh, and for stipends? Pay our tuition, pay for tutors if we need them, chalk boards for drawing out neuro diagrams, and plenty of diet coke.

I'm in!

(you did notice the diet coke part, right? LOTS of diet coke from a fountain!)

P.S. NO balloons, no crops, no problem (thanks Kenny Chesney for the idea)


Mr. C said...

Great idea! However, I'm finding that the mystery of medicine is kept as close to the vest as the mystery of religion for a reason; to appear as if its worth is derived from some supernatural ability not to be conferred upon, but revered by the masses.

This is not a commentary on religion... I am a Christian... but the similiarity in this regard is glaring.

The show, if picked up, would be geared toward the inevitable love affair developing between house-mates than the intended discussions of medical education, politics, and practice.

It would be great if the ideals of the show could be realized as you are conceiving it, but the average American is... well, American.

A Doc 2 Be said...

I would have to agree to disagree.

I think the medical community is revered by the masses because of its ability to heal the sick, help those are physically disabled to walk, and more. One can actually see the improvements with medicine whereas religion is faith based and not tangible (although there will be those who disagree with that too).

There really could be no love affair developed as I was picturing another female med school student and female physician. Sorry guys!

Of course, that could create its own intrigue save for most are dating someone.

A Doc 2 Be said...

BTW, this post was very much tongue in cheek...

The events of the past few days with the hoax in Colorado, and I found that situation to be very tragic as there are young children learning how to be disrespectful adults. The parents of those youngsters should be ashamed but Americans, and others, have become far too open with their lives (including me on this blog).

Last, I think there is too much reality television. It is nonsensical, unmotivated, cheap, sleazy entertainment at its worst as we, as a culture, eat it up.

I yearn for the days of Marcus Welby M.D., Emergency, Friends, Cosby, Facts of Life... shows that were more wholesome.

Reality is something we all get every day. I have to wonder sometimes if reality television is popular because it makes all of those who watch it feel less like outsiders?

I don't know. I don't watch, don't read trashy magazines unless Brad and Angelina are having more kids they can't take care of and Jen is dating Mayer again (tongue in cheek of course).

I don't know. The post was for fun. :)

Mr. C said...

I like the all-girl idea. Returning to read my previous comment, I am wondering what made me link medicine with religion. Have you ever caught yorself talking out your a@@? It is a fairly regular occurance for me:)